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מיכל פריינטה

Michal Paryente, Landcape Archiect

Founder and principle


My path as a Landscape Architect began with great love a for Nature and eagerness to be in nature and be inspired.

Over time, as I expanded into the profession, the inherent potential in every project to strengthen the connection between man and nature - as tacics in Land Protection and Conservation- was realized.

Another meaningfull revelation while in observation to study sites was that the solution to every challenge and planning agenda is always embedded in the site


Thus the worldview behind LANDCARE- Caring about the Land, taking responsibility and creating opportunities to spur LANDCRING. Landcaring by Clients, by Users and by Colleagues.

LANDCARING is a concept that is present in the Planning Approach to each project.


The starting point, in every project, begins with exploration and data collection about the Qualities and Systems that 'make the place' - which ultimately bring the identity and uniqueness of the site into light.

The result is a 'In-Situ Toolbox' withwhich creative solutions are devised; Solutions that seek to merge and create a positive interface of the site with all the systems - human and natural.


The basis of Landscape Architecture was acquired in City College of New York(CCNY), where at the same time i was privileged to train at the world renowned office of Landcape Architect M. PAUL FRIEDBERG.

After couple of years, I continued my studies at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies where knowledge and training were acquired on regional environmental issues. As a result, the ecological thought process and the understanding of the work of systems - was crystallized.

The application of such concept came to expression when with the opportunity to join the City Planning & Department of Sanitation in New York City as a consultant for the Landscaping, Engineering and Ecological rehabilitation of the largest waste site in the world FRESHKILLS, and turning it into an Open Public Area.

At the same time, I acquired an MA Degree at the Department of Ethics and Environmental Philosophy at New York University (NYU). Gaining more perspectives on Land Restoration and the ethical issues associated, contributed greatly to the expansion of the Planning Process with regards to developing and formulating Thinking Mechanisms.


Another aspect that enriches my life is Yoga. It constitutes the cognitive structure, enriches my worldview as a person and a professional and provides daily renewed awareness about my place in my world and the world around me; this expresses in the qualities that I seek as a person and as an active partner with Creation.

The staff at LANDCARE

In accordance with the needs of the project, experts are recruited from tangential fields, Including ecology, geo-morphology, geo-hydrology, urban planning, green architecture and others.

The team works in full cooperation, flexibility of thought, creativity and effectiveness, with the aim of discovering every opportunity.

LANDCARE | Michal Paryente | Israel | tel. +972.54.2011667 | office. +972.3.6491093 |

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