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'Bottom Up' Site Research and Study begins with the identification of values ​​and qualities embedded in the site and its surroundings. Geological, ecological, hydrological, landscape and other data are the basis for building an 'In-Situ toolbox' for formulating site solutions. In addition, human-value-based, historical, and functional characteristics are investigated. From here arises the observation of the site itself.

Disassemble and reconfigure,

create new combinations

Discover the place, connect to it ...


The Planning Approach is based on the expression and empowerment of the 'Sense of Place', which imputes association to the place, while at the same time providing 'Funtion' and 'Usability' on a personal level.

The goal is to integrate in the planning process an environmental education strategy to allowfor a perception of one's surroundings and to strengthen his connection with the land.

The work process examines connections to global activities and trends identified with promoting existing and innovative environments.

The outcome contains the whole process,

And is present in the site "as if he was there all the time." 

LANDCARE | Michal Paryente | Israel | tel. +972.54.2011667 | office. +972.3.6491093 |

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