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Medan Road ַQuarries Construction LTD

Dead Sea Works LTD

Landscape Restoration for  Beit Haggai quarry

Infrastructure design  - Judean desert rivers

Local & Reginal  municipalities and Communitues:

Gezer Regional Council

Beit Shemesh Municipality

(Ultra Orthodox city)

Modi'in Illit Municipality

Kidron - settlement  

Community Edible Forest and Runoff rehabilitating of Azaria Stream Banks- PRELIMINARY PLAN.

Planning a community sports park and rehabilitating the surroundings of Gezer River

Agricultural, Environmental-Educational Farm in Beit Shemesh


Landscape consultant for on City Public Open Space

Restoration of the Karika stream, in colaboration with Hydromodule Enguneers LTD

Masterplan for Rehabilitating of Historic Eucalyptus Grove- for JNF Fundraising 

National authorities: 

National Infrastructure Committee, Landscape Consultant

Israel Antiquities Authority, Administration of Conservation

Landscape consulting for National Infrastructure Projects

Archeological Urban Garden, Jerusalem


Beit Natif Archaeological Park, Emek HaEllla

Antiquity Site- Hakel Dema, Jerusalem

Landscape Consulting for National infrastructure Projects:

The Council for a Beautiful Israel


Construction Center, IDF

Israel Air Force Association

Lavi Natif LTD for Mekorot (Israel National Water Company)

Landuse Traffic Planning and Roads Ltd. for JNF (Jewish Natioanl Fund)

Landuse Planning Traffic and Roads Ltd. for the Ministry of Construction and Housing

Seven Species Roof garden design - the Council building for a beautiful Israel

Planning a gathering  assembly at an Israel Defence force camp

Planning and preparing a  donation's portfolio  for a  leisure space at an Israel Air defense forces camp

Landscape appendix - guidelines for infrastructure facilities in the Faran and Tzahor streams

Landscape Ecological Design - Senic Road to Sansana


Landscape Design for Senic Highway No. 505 - Tapuach-Maale Ephraim junction


 Mey Sheva Corporation (Beer Sheva Water Company)

Israel Electric Company

Hatzerim Pumping Station in Be'er Sheva, as a Landscape Infrastructure Site and a Visitor Center

Landscape Plan for for Determining High voltage lines in sensitive Desert Areas - in the Judean Desert, Arava, the Dead Sea and Masada.

 Ecological Entrepreneurship:


Ecological Redesign  of existing Farm- Bney Zion
Private Garden - Kfar Tavor

Private Garden-  Kfar Truman

Artists and Land Art:

Mierle Laderman Ukelese, New York

Sigalit Landau

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